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These guidelines are primarily intended for Tattooists, Body Piercers and other Body Modifications artists.  This document is a general guide, and is not intended as an exhaustive guide to all infectious diseases.
Infection control is an important part of an effective risk management programme to improve the quality of client care and the occupational health of staff.
Intact skin is one of the most important defences against microbial invasion. Any activity which involves the piercing of the skin poses a potential risk of infection. It is therefore very important to maintain strict hygiene controls and monitor sterilisation techniques to prevent this risk.
Poor and unhygienic practice can result in localised infections at the site of puncture or the transmission of blood-borne viruses, for example Hepatitis B/C or HIV, which have more serious consequences. The routes of transmission of infection may be different from one client to another.
The risk of transmission of infection may be minimised by the following:

• The cleanliness of the premises and the fixtures and fittings in those premises

• The personal hygiene of the person who performs the treatment and any assistants

• The cleaning and sterilisation of instruments, materials and equipment  

The main objective of this document is to encourage best hygiene practice by body modification artists to minimize the risk of infection and so protect both artists and clients. Simple precautions will help reduce potential injury or illness for body modification artists and their clients. Every body modification artist should understand the principles of infection control as outlined in this guide and be able to apply them practically.

Infection Control advice can be obtained from:
Health Protection Surveillance Centre
25/27 Gardiner Street
Dublin 1
Tel: +353 1 8765300
Fax: + 353 1 8561299

Workplace health and safety queries are dealt with by:
Health & Safety Authority     Tel: +353 1 6147042    

Head Office:
The Metropolitan Building
James Joyce Street
Dublin 1

Chemical Policy & Services Head Office and Kilkenny Field Office:
3rd Floor
Hebron House
Hebron Road

Waterford Field Office:
5th Floor
Government Buildings
The Glen

Cork Field Office:
3rd Floor
1A South Mall

Limerick Field Office:
Block A
Loughmore Centre
Raheen Business Park

Galway Field Office:
Odeon House
Eyre Square

Sligo Field Office:
Unit 1 Beulah Building
Finisklin Road

Athlone Field Office:
Block A, 2nd Floor
Monksland Retail Business Park

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