Does It Hurt?
Do they hurt? Yes. Some more than others. Pain is a very personal thing. Some people have a high pain threshold, others whimper at a splinter in their finger.

Tattooing- The very process of being tattooed means that a single or series of needles will be puncturing your skin, albeit at a reasonably fast speed, and not going too deep beneath the skin.  The position on your body where the tattoo will be placed will have a direct bearing on the amount of discomfort that you will feel. Basically, the more flesh that you have in an area the less it will smart. Upper arms and buttocks are less uncomfortable than say, shins, the spine and armpits. Many people say that the outline is the most uncomfortable part of a tattoo and the shading is the easiest and speaking from experience. Whatever you do when sitting in the tattooist’s chair, don’t fidget and move about; it’s harder for your tattooist to hit a moving target!

Piercing- Not nearly as much as you may think! The piercing process is so brief that the worst part is the preceding mental anxiety and fear. The pain is completely relative to the individual and their pain threshold, however, the pain incurred during a piercing is nothing that the average person can't handle. Some people are more or less sensitive than others, so there is no way to really say how bad a piercing is going to feel to you. But, the point is this - could you handle a really bad pain for 30 seconds? Well, most piercings last even less time than that, and most piercings are not that bad. Yes, they hurt, but it's over so fast you really don't have much time to think about it.