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Use of Piercing Guns

A piercing gun, traditionally used by  jewellery shops for piercing ears, is typically inappropriate for piercing of any kind, especially body piercing. Almost all medical professionals agree that piercing guns cannot be adequately sterilized (an alcohol wipe is NOT sterilisation); which means that in theory they are capable of passing hepatitis and other diseases.
In addition, experience has taught the industry that:

  • Ear piercing studs are dull and tear through the body causing unnecessary scarring, pain, and other complications.
  • Ear piercing guns are inaccurate and not designed for piercing most body parts resulting in improper piercing placement.
  • Ear piercing studs are the wrong size and too short for most piercings resulting in swelling, rejection, infection, and many other problems.

For the above reasons piercing guns should NOT be used under any circumstances.