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Tattoo Conventions,Mobile Operators and Temporary Structures

Mobile operators should follow the best practice guidelines.  There should be access to suitable handwashing facilities, i.e. hot and cold running water, liquid soap and suitable hand-drying facilities, e.g. disposable paper towels.  In the event of running water not being available, use an alcohol hand rub which may be purchased in any pharmacy, choose a type that has an emollient built in.

There should be access to suitable sanitary accommodation.

There should be adequate facilities to store all equipment so as to keep the risk of contamination to a minimum.

Single-use disposable needles only should be used.

Adequate standard operating procedures must be in place to achieve best practice in all aspects of the body modification process in a mobile setting. 

Carry enough equipment such as needles, dressings, to cover the expected numbers of clients for any given time away from the base.

The mobile unit/stall should be kept in a clean condition at all times; a cleaning programme should be devised and followed.  The mobile unit/stall should not be used for the preparation or consumption of food, or for sleeping.

Adequate provisions should be made for the appropriate disposal and/or storage of all liquid waste and solid waste, including contaminated waste.